Rou Long Ma School of Chinese Martial Arts

              Teaching Northern Fist Kung Fu and Yang Style Taijiquan
Kung Fu
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Kung Fu is the widely accepted English pronunciation of  功夫 meaning great accomplishment through hard work. Technically what we are teaching is known as Wu Shu, Quan Fa or Guo Shu, Chinese terms that relate specifically to Chinese Martial Arts.

Even more specifically, Chinese Martial Arts (CMA) are often divided into Northern and Southern styles.

The system that we teach incorporates elements of Northern Praying Mantis, Tam Tui, and Bagua Tang Quan(a system that is traced back to over 1200 years ago during the Tang Dynasty). We couple open hand training with weapons to give practitioners a complete traditional experience. This also helps to further condition the body, and to train and refine important patterns of movement.
We teach this art in a very traditional manner, using exercise sets and focusing on forms or pre-arranged sets of movements that condition the body and teach the practitioner a method of movement. Forms are meant to be both practical, usable, and applicable as well as promoting flow, meditation, flexibility, balance and coordination. 

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