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Richard Martin - 龍馬(Lóngmǎ)
Rich Shifu has studied martial arts since the age of 15.  He began his training in Taijiquan(Tai Chi) in 1995 at the Magic Tortoise School in the Raleigh area. There he studied Yang Family Style and the 88 posture Yang Application(San Shou) Form. He has also studied the Chen Manching 37 posture form and Tang Quan(a 1200 year old fighting system that dates to the Tang Dynasty).

Shifu Martin has always been interested in Taiji as a martial art as well as all of the other numerous benefits. as such, he has spent much time and effort studying the principles and theory of internal martial arts and Taijiquan in particular. Having a background in external martial arts, he has striven to test and ensure the practicality of internal applications, against not only other Taiji practicioners, but also against other martial artists of various disciplines.

His interest is not just in martial application though. Having suffered from chronic low back pain for most of his life, due to a leg length discrepancy, he realized that after practicing Taiji for a while, he was virtually pain free. Eighteen years later, he is in better physical condition than ever.

Shifu Martin truly believes that proper practice of Taiji leads to growth in civil, martial and spiritual realms. His goal is to help spread "real" Taiji through teaching and practice.